Individual Feeding Plan (IFP)


Customized balanced feeding plan for home preparation made by our Certified Animal Nutritionist.



What we offer

Customized balanced feeding plan for home preparation made by our Certified Animal Nutritionist:

  • calculated for your pet’s individual needs
  • based on the BARF principle (raw feeding or cooked)*

*If preferred, and if the health condition of your pet requires that, we also offer feeding plans for cooked diets.


  • Customized
    • Customized balanced Feeding Plan for home preparation calculated for your pet’s individual needs.

      All Feeding Plans are based on fresh, wholesome and species appropriate nutrition and can follow BARF, Prey Model or home-cooked principles.

  • Easy to follow
    • Our Feeding Plans are simple, easy to follow and practical for everyday use. We provide suggestions on suitable food ingredients for dogs/cats as well as general raw preparation/ cooking instructions.

  • Prevention & control
    • We offer Individual Feeding Plans for several health conditions, including:

      Food allergies/ Food intolerance, Autoimmune disease/ allergies, Obesity, Skin diseases, Digestive problems, Kidney & Urinary tract disease, Liver disease, Pancreatic disease, Diabetes, Endocrine diseases, Epilepsy, Joint problems, Heart disease, Cancer, Others (upon request)

What’s included?

  • Foods list with suggestions on suitable and toxic food ingredients for dogs/cats
  • General raw preparation/ cooking instructions
  • Follow-up by email including answering questions /advice/ adjustments of the plan (if needed) in 5 emails within 3 months after creating the plan

Prices range between $120 -$200 (SGD) and depend on your pet’s health condition and maturity. The higher prices apply for animals with special needs. Talk to us directly for more information.


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