Prevention & Wellness Nutri Program – Duration: 5 weeks


Tailor made program for your dog or cat for prevention and wellness improvement.

Based on a species appropriate, fresh food diet, accompanied by carefully selected supplement suggestions.




  • Prevent issues before they arise or get worse. Veterinary care and other treatment can be very costly and painful for your pet. Instead, we will teach you simple eating habits you can implement to improve your pet’s healthiness levels.
  • Learn how to support 1-3 objectives tailored to your pet with a nutrition plan.
  • Make the best of your feeding plan by asking all your questions personally to our nutritionist dedicated to you.
  • Check in on your new habits building, adjust the program where and as needed, and learn more about how to support your pet during the follow-up calls.
  • Acquire skills that will benefit you and your pet in the long run.

What’s included?

  • Individual feeding plan customized for your pet by our certified nutritionist and animal holistic therapist
  • Evaluation of your pet’s personal condition based on selected questions regarding its medical history
  • Private consultation and follow-ups face-to-face via Zoom calls
  • Recommendations for complimentary nutritional and preventive supplements

How does it work? – Program flow

  1. We will request you to fill in our questionnaire form regarding your pet’s nutritional and medical history.
  2. A first Zoom call will take place to clarify your given answers.
  3. Delivery of your pet’s tailor made feeding plan plus complementary preventive suggestions.
  4. Follow-up call to answer your possible questions regarding the feeding plan.
  5. Follow-up calls, 2 in total, suggested in week 2 and 5.
  6. We would like to end our program with a comparison of your pet’s initial condition and the outcome and will survey whether our program has met your expectations.
  7. Optional follow-up calls are available and flexible to your schedule (extra charge).

Common conditions under this program:

  • Healthy dogs/cats: puppies, adults, seniors
  • Musculoskeletal/joint issues
  • Overweight/underweight
  • Minor skin & fur problems
  • Minor digestive disorders
  • Commercial food fed pets that want to change to fresh feeding


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